About Us

Indiana Fashion Foundation (IFF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) IFF's mission is to bridge the gap between community initiatives and resources using fashion as a vehicle for social impact and economic development.

We achieve this by fostering connections among Indiana-based students, entrepreneurs, and organizations, encouraging collaboration on shared goals through events and projects.

For students, this collaboration offers valuable on-the-job experience in the fashion industry while contributing to meaningful initiatives, enhancing their professional development.

Entrepreneurs benefit by engaging directly with their target market, showcasing their products or services, and building relationships with potential customers for business growth and success.

Working with IFF enables organizations to achieve their mission more effectively by tapping into the creativity and talent of students and entrepreneurs to address community needs and drive social change.

In summary, IFF’s focus on fostering collaborations creates a synergistic environment, leading to a stronger and more vibrant creative economy.

Core Values


We value the rich — but often unsung — legacy of fashion in the state of Indiana. We intend to honor and expand this legacy by increasing the presence & impact of fashion within the state’s culture and economy.


We value the authentic identities and expressions of those who make up the diverse mix of Indiana’s fashion industry. We intend to maintain our own authenticity as an organization through our commitment to celebrate & advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We value consistent awareness of environmental, economic, and mental sustainability. We intend to foster a culture, maintain practices, and provide educational resources that promote sustainability in each of these three areas.


We value opportunities that foster individual and corporate success. We intend to utilize our resources to provide creative, educational, professional, and communal opportunities that will create forward progress for fashion professionals & organizations in Indiana.


We value continuous growth, be it major or minor. We intend to encourage organizational and individual growth by consistently engaging opportunities to mobilize the fashion industry in the state of Indiana.

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