Summer Fashion Camp for Teens

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As fast fashion dominates the fashion industry, it seems as if — more and more — people are slowly forgetting that they are able to create their own clothing and accessories. Sewing today seems like a fading craft that only a select few have mastered. I think that we need to be reminded of just how convenient it is to be able to mend and tailor, or look at something in the display window and go “Hey, ya know what? I could definitely make that!” — and you can and you could probably do it better too. This little anecdote doesn’t have to be a hypothetical. Thanks to the Summer Fashion Camp for Teens hosted by StitchWorks, you’ll be on your way to being able to do just that!

If you didn’t already know, StitchWorks is a “small-batch sewing facility” located in Indianapolis that offers production services as well as sewing classes for any fashion construction curious individuals out there.

This week-long camp is for teens interested in beginning to learn about sewing and fashion. They will be able to learn about the differences between home sewing and industrial sewing (there is a big difference) and to further develop and showcase their personal style at the same time.

Attendees will use straight stitch and overlock/serger industrial sewing machines, as well as various stitch techniques and reach deep into the sewers toolbox to learn about and use the many kinds of tools and accessories used during the sewing/design process.

Throughout the week, two different projects will be completed by the campers. They can choose to create their very own trendy bucket hat or handy tote bag as well as a customized jacket. All materials for the bucket hat or tote bag will be provided, but campers will need to bring their own materials for the jacket project on day 2 after they have some time to figure out which style route they want to tackle. They will have full creative freedom to design their jacket however they want!

On one of the days, StitchWorks will be bringing in a local fashion designer to help teach and have lunch with the campers. This is a great way for the students to pick at the brain of an experienced industry professional and learn about what it takes to succeed in fashion.

Days 3-5 will be work days for the students as StitchWorks will keep their facility open till 3, so the students have plenty of time to work on their creations and practice their newly learned skills. But, on the last day of the camp, a PATTERN magazine photographer and social media expert will come in and the students will get the chance to professionally photograph and video themselves modeling their creations!

I may not qualify for this camp because I’m too old now, but if I was younger, this camp would have been so helpful and insightful! Fashion isn’t just about the luxury brands and high fashion models, there are teams of highly skilled and dedicated sewing professionals who are behind the scenes creating those extravagant and spectacular fashions we love to watch go down the runway. This experience will be a great way to gain knowledge of the production side of the industry and allow the campers to really showcase their creativity

If this sounds like something you or anyone you know would be interested in attending, the camp dates are June 27th – July 1, 2022. The duration of the camp is 9am – 2pm. The main instructor will be StitchWorks’ very own and very talented, Daniele Main. The minimum age is also 14, and they suggest that the campers have at least some domestic sewing machine experience. 

To learn a little more about StitchWorks and to sign up for the camp, visit this link:

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