Indiana is Fashion: Nate Beaman

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Nate Beaman is from Greencastle, Indiana and is a senior studying fashion merchandising and marketing at Ball State University. Nate’s dream is to eventually go to school to get his masters in a fashion program, and possibly his doctorate to become a professor of fashion history, but is currently trying to learn as much as he can about the industry overall.

Nate wanted to be an artist from a young age, and found fashion as another medium of expression and his passion led him to pursue higher education in relation to the industry.

One thing Nate is excited about is his current internship with the Indiana Fashion Foundation, as he will learn about marketing related to fashion, and help highlight Indiana’s fashion talent and industry. He hopes to learn a lot that he can use in the future in whatever career path he chooses to follow.

Nate is currently a senior and looking to network to find future careers in fashion. His email is

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