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Chantal Dominique grew up in Kokomo, moved to Marion during her highschool years, and is now a successful Indianapolis-based fashion photographer and videographer. Dominique studied photography at Indiana Wesleyan University, and graduated just three years ago. In that short amount of time, she has started working with Supermodel Coco Rocha as a model scout, and started IN POSE, a “comprehensive posing class in Indianapolis to help models grow in confidence and posing fluidity”.

Dominique is no doubt a very talented artist with a natural knack for fashion photography, and so do her inspirations; Lara Jade and Peter Lindberg. Dominique is inspired by Jade’s consistent, timeless, elegant photography and passion for teaching the younger generation photography” and Lindberg’s constant push for the “model” to be seen as a human with rights and personal guidelines”.

When asked about her future in the field, Dominique stated how she sees herself growing in the industry “by way of teaching”. Whether it be in relation to posing or business practices for models and growing photographers, she would love to educate Indiana’s growing talent. She also hopes to move her skills in the commercial fashion market.

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