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Image of Callie Zimmerman photographed by Hope Kemp

Photographer, Callie Zimmerman, was born in the Western Canadian Province of Calgary, Alberta. Zimmerman lived in Illinois briefly as a child before moving to Indiana, the birthplace of her mother, and now resides in Fishers, Indiana. Zimmerman is a recent graduate of Ball State University, where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts In Photography and Studio Art. Before she found her love of photography, she would draw and paint, but one medium led to another, and that is where photography came in.

It wasn’t until Zimmerman’s internship at PATTERN magazine in Indianapolis, that she would find her love of fashion photography that opened her eyes to a whole new world. After she graduated, she didn’t necessarily know which direction to go, but having found fashion photography as a passion, she has since been published in eight magazines since July of 2020. Although this is an impressive feat for a recent grad, she would consider her perseverance through a global pandemic that halted her career to be her greatest achievement.

When asked about her biggest inspirations, she stated how she is constantly finding the work of local creatives here in Indiana, Chicago, and the greater midwest area that inspire her to do better and push the limits of her creativity. Zimmerman is also an admirer of photographers  “Jessica Kobeissi and Lara Jade who have a passion for educating photographers…”

As for Zimmerman’s future in photography here in Indiana, she fully intends to stay here in the Hoosier state. She believes that there is a trend of midwest creatives feeling the need to move to the larger, more fashion-centric cities like New York City, or L.A. to be considered successful in the industry, but doesn’t think that’s necessary as Indiana has everything she would need. Zimmerman stated how there are plenty of models, makeup artists, and stylists she has yet to work with, and is looking forward to collaborating with In Indianapolis. She does hope though in the future, to travel the world and find inspiration in the natural landscapes that Indiana does not have.

Despite Zimmerman’s “yearning for greater landscapes”, she believes there is something “truly charming and beautiful about the Midwest.” She stated it may not be the most obvious, the fact there is a fashion community here in Indiana, but it’s there if you look, and it’s thriving. Zimmerman stated Indiana is a prime example of how “art and creativity thrive no matter where someone is born.’ Another characteristic of Indiana’s fashion community that she appreciates is how embracing and motivating everyone is; a quality she doesn’t believe the bigger more “cutthroat” cities would have, as she has been mentored by other photographers that simply love to see their community grow.

Callie Zimmerman is currently working on editorial work, so stay up to date with her on her instagram @callietaylorphotography and her website

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