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Fashion Designer, Angel Olivera, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, but moved to Indianapolis back in 2008 looking for a better future for his business and career. Olivera designs, tailors, is an alteration specialist, and makes his own patterns. He felt he could grow his business more by moving to a bigger area like the United States, and after learning about all he has done, whether it be accomplishments in Puerto Rico or here in the U.S., it definitely proved worthwhile.

Right after highschool, Olivera studied fashion design at the International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida in 1993, but due to family issues back on his home island, he moved back and resumed his education at the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Olivera finally graduated from Carlota University in 1997 where he graduated top of his class.

Since then, Olivera has had many accomplishments any designer would love to have in their resume. He was the 1999 winner of the Paoli Awards for Designer of the Year, dressed contestants in some of the most major beauty pageants here in the US and Puerto Rico; Miss World and Miss Universe just to name a couple. Olivera has also done some red carpet styling for musicians, writes for various publications, hosts fashion segments for Telemundo TV here in Indiana, and the list goes on.

When it comes to Olivera’s inspirations, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Mcqueen, and Stephane Rolland are a few of his favorites, but his biggest “trigger of creativity” comes from music. He also looks to different decades, architecture, and cultures for design revelations.

As if Olivera wasn’t busy enough, he sees himself “running the first bilingual English/Spanish school of fashion design.” that will give people the proper training in the art of sewing at a professional level so they can find careers in fashion.

When asked about living and being a designer here in Indiana, Olivera expressed how he loves the people, the food, the nature, and the “laid back” lifestyle. He feels that Indy is a “big city with a very warm heart” and he is proud to call himself a “HoosierRican.


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