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CFDA Connects is a network for regional fashion weeks and organizations offering new and innovative programming to domestic markets.


Today, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) announced the launch of CFDA Connects, a programming network that supports regional fashion weeks and organizations. Furthering CFDA’s mission to strengthen the impact of American fashion in a global economy, CFDA Connects was envisioned and spearheaded by Elliot Carlyle to skill share and connects domestic markets and the pulse of the American and global fashion industries through CFDA resources including professional and business development and education, trade events, supply chain and local manufacturing, social impact and sustainability.

Indiana Fashion Foundation is one of ten founding regional organizations. The other founding members include Columbus Fashion Council, Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator, Hawaii Fashion Week, Kansas City Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Philadelphia Fashion Week, Ragtrade Atlanta/Atlanta Fashion Week, Saint Louis Fashion Fund, and Texas Fashion Industry Initiative. CFDA executives will meet regularly with representatives from each regional organization to form a working collective of executive directors and founders with roundtables, discussions, trainings, and development.

“Indiana has a burgeoning fashion community comprised of a diverse group of talented creators and professionals,” says Denisha Ferguson, CEO of Indiana Fashion Foundation. “However,” she continues, “one of the significant challenges has been the lack of industry resources and infrastructure. Our membership with the CFDA Connects program is a direct link to these resources, which will aid in amplifying our work to build this infrastructure. As well, it is an opportunity to connect the CFDA directly to Indiana-based talent, creating a reciprocal relationship between the organizations and helping to further diversify the American fashion industry.”

Learn more about CFDA Connects by visiting this link.

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