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Hello Fashion Community,

This is our first official communication of 2022. We’ve intentionally gone “silent” to focus on the mission of Indiana Fashion Foundation. Just like we encourage the creatives, students and entrepreneurs that IFF was founded for, having space to think and be is a priority to the creative process.

Indiana Fashion Foundation (IFF) is a nonprofit organization committed to economic development. Working in collaboration with the community and small businesses we have been able to grow substantially within the last 3 years.

In 2019, Michael Weston and I built Indiana Fashion Week as IFF’s catalyst event starting with zero dollars — but with expertise and determination. In 6 months, with personal investment, a superstar team of 14 people, community collaborators, over 200 participants and 800 attendees, Indiana Fashion Week was successfully launched. Fast forward to 2020 and through the pandemic, Indiana Fashion Week showed up as a sustainable platform for community connection, economic development, inspiration and so much more. All while not knowing where the funds would come from, but stepping boldly in knowing that there is a gap in Indiana’s economic, tourism, innovation and development plans; a lack of investment in the fashion industry, which globally is over a 1.9 trillion dollar industry.

Prior to launching Indiana Fashion Week, I studied major events like, The Indianapolis 500, Indiana Black Expo, Indiana Women’s Conference, Zoobilation along with many events outside of Indiana like New York Fashion Week to create a fashion event experience in Indiana. These events have lasted because of the impact the event has on the community in addition to support and funding.

In this next phase, we are seeking sponsorship and funding collaboration with connectors, local and regional civic leaders, corporations and organizations who share our mission to help retain, attract and facilitate the growth of businesses within the fashion, retail, and manufacturing industry in Indiana, while being innovative in integrating in Industries like health, tech, transportation and agriculture.

Together, we can put this mission into action and have a lasting impact on positive growth for our region by focusing on:

  1. Connecting the World of Fashion (Investment): Collaborative efforts to attract new businesses, talent, resources to Indiana as a long-term investment in our region.
  2. Strengthening the Industry of Fashion (Community): Uniting industry sectors and community in a cohesive network that already makes up the fashion ecosystem in Indiana. (The Industry is already here!)
  3. Securing the Future of Fashion (Workforce Development): Strategic partnerships focused on job creation and training, as well as talent retention, with an emphasis on liveable wages and inclusion of all community members and youth development.

These actions will improve Indiana’s’ global competitiveness within the retail, fashion and manufacturing industry.

In addition, The Indiana Fashion Foundation is fervently working to create a stronger, more sustainable nonprofit structure to support the needs of our mission and the community we serve.

We are excited to officially announce that the 3rd Annual Indiana Fashion Week will take place July 25 – 30, 2022.

Indiana Fashion Week 2022 save the date flyer

Click here to download the save the date flyer

We ask for your support to grow a proven concept by partnering, donating, participating and connecting resources.

Here’s what you can do next:

If you’ve experienced Indiana Fashion Week, share your testimony on social media tagging @indianafashionweek & using the hashtag #INDFW.

If you haven’t experienced Indiana Fashion Week, view last year’s show here.

To sponsor, get involved, and collaborate, visit the official INDFW website.

To Fashion, Impact and Beyond,
Denisha Ferguson

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