2021 Theme

A bit of insight into last year's theme

Not Just for
Fashion People

"Fashion connects us all because we all wear clothes."

–Denisha Ferguson

Since Indiana Fashion Foundation (IFF) was founded, we’ve often heard individuals say that they’re not a “fashion person.” The truth, though, is that anyone who buys clothes is connected to fashion. Meryl Streep once said, “Some people hold themselves above the fashion business but are still complicit and fall prey to it.” Let’s face it… technically we’re all “FASHION PEOPLE.”

This year’s Making it IN Fashion Industry Conference is dedicated to bringing understanding to the business of fashion, how it connects to other industries, and its relevance to our daily lives. Our mission is simple: to exhibit — once and for all — that the fashion industry is “NOT JUST FOR FASHION PEOPLE.”

This is not just about arguing a case for fashion’s viability as an industry. It’s about promoting unity and giving everyone a seat at the fashion table. During the conference, you will learn about ways you can bridge your existing education, experience, and/or skills to a fashion industry role. You’ll also learn — whether you decide to work in fashion or not — how you can help support fashion creators, students, and professions both locally and abroad.

Yes, fashion can be entertaining, but it’s our mission to help move fashion beyond the runway by highlighting its innovative power and the industry’s role in securing a sustainable future for the creative economy.

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