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Nawal Alsaeed

Founder & Lead Designer

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Nawal Alsaeed is the founder and lead designer of Studious Monday where she spent the last ten years at the intersection of public health, early childhood education and community. Through various projects such as no cost pre-kindergarten for families, mental health services/referrals, pod virtual learning and child care assistance for families, one thing remains clear: the need for spaces where people can properly identify and express themselves.

Growing up Muslim and proud, Nawal often felt forgotten by the fashion industry, not only because modesty was so rare, but also because ethics seemed so insignificant. In 2016 Nawal was gifted her daughter and her eldest son was beginning school. To continue to foster the pride and strength of being Muslim in America, Nawal enrolled her sons in private education that supported the Islamic way of life. On the first day of school, at drop off, Nawal, with her infant daughter in hand, watched young girls in Islamic uniform interact. While observing, Nawal was disheartened to see the contradiction of their wardrobe. Here were brilliant, kind, enthusiastic females–future mothers, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, engineers, athletes, lawyers wearing mass produced, synthetic fibered tops and pleated skirts layered over pants. Nawal, at that moment, began the work. What started as a concept of providing an alternative option of uniforms for young girls in hijab, manifested into an apparel company that represents modesty. 

Now in 2021, Nawal has set in motion her first collection. The launch was welcomed with excitement and shown great promise through her sales.

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