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Brenda Polanco

Founder / CEO

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Brenda Polanco is the CEO and founder of The.Dott NYC, a sourcing company curated to help the emerging and growing designer further expand their fashion business. After working seamlessly in the fashion industry for over ten years operating several roles in her professional career, Brenda became the closeout buyer at MOOD fabrics which was where her view and role in the fashion industry started to become more tangible. Brenda slowly started realizing that there was more to offer to designers then what was being given to them in retail and in education. Taking all of her experience and knowledge that she accustomed over the years and combining it with her drive to teach and grow others, she started what is now known today as The.Dott NYC.

The.Dott NYC is a sourcing company who believes in sourcing consciously or sourcing with a purpose. The company sources many components for a designer which includes sourcing fabrics wholesale, trims, manufacturing, production management, marketing, business consulting and much more. Over the span of two years, with the guidance and drive that Brenda has embedded into the business, The.Dott NYC has managed to help create and grow fashion companies such as Fe Noel, Two Bodies, Demestik, and many more.

As the The.Dott continues to help and grow designers, Brenda also continuously keeps evolving in the fashion industry. She has started using her knowledge and expertise to guide and educate emerging and established designers through numerous outlets on how to grow and better their fashion business.

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