Indiana is Fashion

Former Pacers star, Darnell "Dr. Dunk" Hillman, knows fashion and apparently how to beat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a dunking contest.
Having grown up doing traditional hand sewing, one might assume that Keng Xiong of House of Xiong had fashion in her blood — and she did — but at the heart of it all was storytelling.
Meet the incredibly accomplished "Hoosier Rican" fashion designer, master tailor, and pattern maker, Angel Olivera, of Angel Olivera Couture.
Meet Julia Rutland, executive director of The Gifted Gown, who has studied, read, watched, and immersed herself in fashion her entire life.
Meet Callie Zimmerman of Callie Taylor Photography, the recent Ball State University graduate turned published fashion photographer.
Meet 2021 fashion graduate, Brian Morrison, who hopes to work towards creating a world where we all can accept each other’s differences through fashion.
Chantal Dominique is an Indiana photographer, videographer, and creator of IN POSE modeling classes. She is passionate about educating Indiana’s growing talent.